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Christian Bau's incomparable culinary art in book form
In this cookbook, Christian Bau, 3-star chef and patron of Victor's Fine Dining by Christian Bau at Schloss Berg in Perl/Nennig, demonstrates a culinary art that is second to none. No surprise, as Bau is one of the absolute best chefs in Germany! At the same time, he has celebrated  an anniversary in 2018: 20 years of Victor's Fine Dining by Christian Bau. This magnificent book is a very special memorial to the top chef.

Culinary masterful menus and courses 
7 menus and 56 magnificent courses create a vibrant picture of Bau's cuisine, which is unmistakably and influenced by French cuisine with influences from the Japanese high cuisine. Dishes such as: "Japanese Moment. Matcha tea, lychee, green shiso", "Char Ikejime. Kohlrabi, horseradish" or "The best of veal. Dim Sum, nut butter, alba truffle" give a hint of this high-quality mix of cuisines. 

- 7 menus, 56 great courses, and 28 excerpted dishes: Menu 1 starting with the "Japanese rock and vegetable garden" with raw and pickled vegetables, iced coriander and ponzu followed by the char dish with herbs, kohlrabi, and horseradish and six more Japanese-inspired courses.
- Supplementary texts by Dr. Christoph Wirtz: What has shaped Christian Bau, why does he cook the way he does today, how does he cook and what is his passion. 
- With exceptionally brilliant imagery by Lukas Kirchgasser: makes you want to drive to Schloss Berg immediately and try the dishes on the spot.

Culinary excellence with Christian Bau. The unique cuisine of the top chef united in one magnificent book.

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