Veggie Stars

Veggie Stars

The VIVAMAYR Cookbook

35,00 €

A cookbook that promises more quality of life – VIVAMAYR for life!
F.X. Mayr was well aware that fasting is not the key to long-term good health. Everything revolves around eating correctly. Unlike diets that are merely pursued for a limited period of time, the holistic VIVAMAYR Principle creates a sustainable life balance. The recipes it uses are easily digestible and largely vegetarian. Emanuela Fischer and Stefan Mühlbacher, both VIVAMAYR chefs of many years’ standing, describe the potent power of plant-based cooking. Their motto is: “Vegetables are our DNA.” It’s what’s inside that counts! The recipes presented here will energise you in your day-to-day life. They have been tried and tested over many years and will also keep your gut healthy. Fish or meat can easily be added. Everything can also be modified in a tasty way in the event of any food intolerances.