Swiss Bread

Swiss Bread

A culinary journey with 42 sweet and savory recipes

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A piece of Swiss tradition to share with your friends and family
In Switzerland, you will find over 200 different types of bread. Many of these breads have a unique connection to the history, culture and geography of the country. Apart from Fondue, the Sunday "Zopf" is probably the most well-known national food. Bread has been an important part of everyday life in Switzerland for a long time. The majority of Swiss breads have a strong connection to their cantons of origin. Many of the breads also have links to festivities and traditions, such as the Three King's Cake. Bread is also found as an ingredient in many Swiss dishes.

Whether you are baking for the first time or have a lot of experience already, this book offers you plenty of recipes to try out. With many fascinating stories appearing alongside these recipes, you will get to know Switzerland through its delicious bread.

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