Ikarus invites the world`s best chefs

Ikarus invites the world`s best chefs

62 exceptional recipes and international chefs in portrait

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The best chefs from around the world congregate at the Ikarus Restaurant at Salzburg Airport. This year, famous guest chefs included those from well-known gourmet hotspots, as well as from the wild and green Faroe Islands, the creative melting pot that is San Francisco, and also Moscow. Unique and regionally inspired new styles of gourmet cuisine are developing in each of these three places. If need be, the best special ingredients for the guest chefs, whether it‘s mahogany clams or som saa lemons, are flown directly into Hangar-7, home of the Ikarus Restaurant.

It was a great accolade this spring when a second Michelin star was awarded to the Ikarus Restaurant. The menu created to honor Eckartm Witzigmann was truly impressive. In July, the patron of the Ikarus Restaurant celebrated his 75th birthday in style with a feast prepared by his students and associates, all of which are themselves highly decorated.

The guest chefs‘ ideas and designs are lovingly implemented by Executive Chef Martin Klein and his team to a high degree of perfection. Each dish leaves the kitchen exactly as it does when the guest chefs are in their own restaurants. In this book you will find 62 of the best dishes from throughout the year, described with a level of detail so that professionals and passionate amateur chefs can recreate these unique recipes themselves.