The Wild Game Cookbook

The Wild Game Cookbook

Simple Recipes for Hunters and Gourmets

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From woods and fields into the kitchen and onto the table. Delicious recipes for cooking game, expertly explained.

This is a recipe book for both the aspiring home cook and the hands-on gourmet who is prepared to reframe their view on wild game. The Chef and the Hunter helps keen cooks rediscover this organic, sustainable and versatile meat. The book features delicious recipes that range from fine dining, to everyday meals, insightful information of handling and preparation and aesthetic photography.

Unleash the rich flavors of truly wild game with these recipes, and help save forests at the same time. Tapping into those natural food reserves can help rebalance woodland, where in the absence of predators such as wolves, many populations of deer and boar have soared. Because they eat buds and saplings, this contributes to forest devastation. The inescapable result is that rangers are having to manage the animals. And by far the tastiest way of solving this problem is by eating it.

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