I want to be healthy

I want to be healthy

A guide to health

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Our nutrition matters from the fi rst to almost the last day of our lives. Nevertheless, we carelessly neglect this knowledge. Even people with a proper understanding of nutrition, unfortunately, rarely act on it. We underestimate the disease causing effects of a modern, processed foods diet, we overestimate the doctors ability to treat chronic illnesses, fully ignoring the wonderful, healing properties of natural foods. We pay the price for this with countless physical and psychological disorders, the number of which are constantly rising, whether they be acute, chronic or degenerative.
A reversal of this illness vicious circle is possible, at almost any time, through a change of diet. There is always improvement even sometimes fantastic recoveries. Belief is not necessary - onlyconsistent action. This book should serve beginners as a motivational guide on their way to self-help.

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