Eat To Win

Eat To Win

Nutrition for Peak Performance in Female Team Sport Athletes

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By combining evidence-based recommendations with practical, simple guidance, registered health and performance nutritionist, Laura Kealy, helps female team sport athletes improve their athletic performance and overall health. Whether a recreational or elite athlete, this book will show how to fuel and recover, ensuring the most is gained from training.
For a team to win, players must be physically fit and strong. Games and matches demand high-intensity, repeated sprint work, and players must be strong enough to take tackles and make them in return. Players must remain mentally focused throughout games. Following evidence-based recommendations for a team sport athlete will significantly impact all of the above. An athlete’s diet must be tailored to ensure it meets individual macro- and micronutrients, fueling, and recovery requirements. That’s where this book comes in!
Having spent more than eight years supporting female athletes across a range of team sports, Laura will use her expert advice to show how to balance nutrient intake and eat for specific performance goals. With Laura’s professional guidance, the reader will also learn the fundamentals of health and performance nutrition, how to adequately fuel for training sessions and games, how to recover optimally, how the menstrual cycle may affect performance, and much more.
With 80 delicious, healthy, and simple fueling and recovery recipes, sample training meal plans, practical advice, and specific guidance for the female team sport athlete, this book will help the reader eat to win!

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