Chasselas - From Féchy to Dézaley

Chasselas - From Féchy to Dézaley

A voyage of discovery through the treasures of canton Vaud’s vineyards

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In collaboration with legendary winemaker Louis-Philippe Bovard, the well-known Swiss wine author Chandra Kurt takes a closer look at a global wine phenomenon – the Chasselas grape. Although it is grown all over the world, it is mostly enjoyed as a table grape. Not so in Switzerland, where Chasselas is the most important variety of white wine grape, especially on the shores of Lake Geneva, where it originates.
“Chasselas is like Chanel – timeless, elegant, feminine, classic. Pure understatement, which is what makes haute couture”, says Chandra Kurt. Because even though Chasselas may appear moderate and humble, there is unbelievable character and force in this grape.
Chasselas – From Féchy to Dézaley is not just a wine book, but a treasure trove of traditional recipes from Vaud. They are easy to reproduce and go perfectly with a glass of Chasselas. Illustrated with unique woodcuts from 1935 by Paul Boesch and modern photographs by Patricia von Ah.

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