A Year with Our Food Stories

A Year with Our Food Stories

Gluten-Free Seasonal Fare

35,00 €

The first cookbook authored by Our Food Stories celebrates nature in seasonal, gluten-free recipes and gorgeous table settings.

Good food speaks to all of our senses, and makes us feel good too. Laura and Nora from Our Food Stories have made it their mission to attain these delights through gluten-free, vegetarian, and healthy food. Trained stylists as well as excellent cooks, for them where we eat matters as much as what. So when Laura and Nora lay out tables, the centerpiece and the dishes come together to reconnect us with nature.

Full of delicious recipes that highlight seasonal ingredients, Our Food Seasons is above all a cookbook. But it’s more: visuals of kitchens, of tables set up by a cozy fire, of picnic blankets in flowery meadows provide inspiration on how to reflect the flavors of the seasons in the setting. This is a book for food lovers with an appreciation of taste in all its forms.

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