Whole Grain Baking

Whole Grain Baking

For Housewives and Hobby-Bakers

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Bread is much more than bread. For thousands of years it has been the symbol of food, life, physical and spiritual power. Bread is made from cereal grains, originally from freshly milled whole grains, having maintained the health of populations from generation to generation. The chronic civilization ailments started, when the fresh whole grain flour was replaced by storable, refined, extracted white and grey extra short flours. During the 1960-ties, the author developed new healthy baking recipes, based on germinable cereal grains, freshly milled before preparing the dough, and he taught thousands of laymen and hundreds of bakers practically in such baking. This book allows you to re-establish your most important basis of health: Healthy, tasty, and beautiful whole grain breads and pastry.

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