Everyone Must Eat.
And, as this is essentially a good thing, the Healthy Boy Band has started a magazine experiment that addresses precisely this issue: All aspects and all forms of eating.
The Healthy Times doesn’t care if it’s an award-winning restaurant or a sausage stand. Rather, it stands for a new values-based approach rooted in sustainability, equality, and also revolution. This creates room for more than just recipes and restaurant reviews. The Healthy Times is home to art, just as much as travelogues, chefs, recipes, philosophy, literature, and death. The same principle applies to the magazine’s authors: Alongside well-known restaurant critics one finds writers and rising stars as well as people who have never set pen to paper in their life.
Each edition has a remarkable graphic concept from OrtnerSchinko. In the first one, Thomas Albdorf and Rade Petrasevic add their own two cents in the form of photos and drawings. The result is a magazine that is free of affectation and in which the focus is on the food.
This year we have been justified in asking ourselves, more than once: Is there really going to be a tomorrow? This is precisely why we want to dedicate the first edition to the future and to hear from people who have a vision of how this future can and should look – or perhaps shouldn’t.
Also featured in this baseline edition of the Healthy Mag are articles such as “The 50 Best Gay Male Chefs”, “Restlraunts”, “Meine Mutter machts dir gratis”, or “Il Corti per favore”, in which Severin Corti settles his account with Severin Corti. The authors include: Heinz Reitbauer, Ana Roš, Niklas Ekstedt, Mischa Schäfer, Dylan Watson-Braws, Spencer Christenson, Severin Corti, and Thees Uhlmann.

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