The Wiener Schnitzel Love Book!

Erschienen: 12. Oktober 2020
Verlag: Brandstätter Verlag
Auflage: 1. Auflage
Größe: 205 x 275 mm
ISBN: 978-3-71-060458-4
35,00 EUR

Which ten commandments did the Lord of Schnitzels enact? How can one’s seat of pants be applied to test the quality of a Wiener Schnitzel? Why does the Schnitzel most certainly not come from Milan? How much Schnitzel does a true Viennese actually consist of? And how do people indulge in the Schnitzel cult in Tel Aviv or Tokyo, Montevideo or Copenhagen?
The Schnitzel is sacred. If you really want to make enemies, then regale a Viennese with a Schnitzel with sauce spattered on its delightfully crispy, golden brown coat of breadcrumbs! Apart from that, the Viennese Schnitzel is a cult, and that’s why, at last, the time has come for a cult book to truly honor the icon of Austrian being.
Florian Weitzer, hotelier and host at the Meissl & Schadn restaurant, asked colorful characters to do precisely this. The result is an irresistible compendium of delicacy – and, as is right and proper for a truly profound piece of workmanship, it also ceases to stop at abysses.