Monsieur Vuong

Monsieur Vuong

Vietnamese Food from the Famous Berlin Restaurant. The Cook Book

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There is a restaurant at 46 Alte Schönhauser Strasse in Berlin's Mitte district that evolved into an international place of pilgrimage many years ago. It is Monsieur Vuong's eatery. His photo hangs on the orange red wall, and has become its symbol. But wait, that's the father, a portrait photographer who came from Vietnam to Germany with his family in 1987 and took this »selfie« at the age of 24. His son Dat is the owner of the restaurant in front of which long queues form. No surprise, because the dishes taste heavenly and are of a soothing, unpretentious simplicity. They are authentic as Dat Vuong, culinary ambassador and culture hopper, cooks in the tradition of his mother and frequently returns to his roots, to Vietnam.

Whoever eats at Monsieur Vuong returns. Whoever meets Dat Vuong wants to know his story, how it has led to his success. High time to erect a monument in his honour. Here it is, with the finest recipes from the restaurant, all easy to cook, with advice and inspiration, and all the flair of Vietnamese cook-shop that has become an international hot spot.

Ursula Heinzelmann is the author of nine books, the most recent being >Die China-Küche des Herrn Wu<. She has been a regular at Monsieur Vuong since the beginning.

Photographer Manuel Krug turns his experience into pictures, accompanying Dat Vuong with his camera on a trip to his roots in Vietnam and at Monsieur Vuong.

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