Eat Alkaline

Eat Alkaline

The Viva- Mayr- Principle

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Lively and innovative – a cookbook that introduces the principles of the modern Mayr therapy to our modern, pleasure-oriented life. This is the Viva Mayr Principle – bringing balance to our lives. With fish, meat, vegetables, green spreads and sweet desserts, ranging from Marinated Char to Goat Milk Parfait, and from Braised Pork Cheeks to Amaranth Risotto. A delicious response to our yearning for balance. And this is what makes eating such a healthy delight.

Regional foodstuffs, alkaline-rich and fresh, are the stars of this cookbook. And Emanuela Fischer, Head Chef, and Harald Stossier, Chief Physician of Austria’s successful Viva Mayr Centres, explain how they are best prepared to ensure that we benefit to the fullest from their goodness and which simple rules we can follow to maintain a healthy acid-alkaline balance. In this book they share their vast knowledge in a compelling, easy-to-understand and practicable manner, making eating a feast for all the senses.

A delectable way to bring your life into balance!

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