Cuisine on Screen

Cuisine on Screen

60 Famous Japanese Recipes from 30 Cult Movies

34,00 €

This elegant and mouthwatering journey through Japanese film history offers a palatepleasing
array of recipes inspired by iconic movies.

Tan-men soup from Midnight Diner; risotto from Princess Mononoké; ramen from Tampopo—these and other dishes are the stars of this unique cookbook that pairs the best of Japanese cinema with the cuisine featured in it. Organized by type of dish—dumplings; noodles, soups, and stews; seafood; eggs and meat; vegetables and rice; desserts and tea—it offers concise and beautifully illustrated recipes that will satisfy practiced and novice cooks alike. Scattered throughout are descriptions of the films that inspired each dish—a selection as varied as the recipes themselves that includes classics, cult, and anime: Midnight Diner, Toilet, Spirited Away, Little Forest, Makanai, My Neighbor Totoro, What Did You Eat Yesterday?, Our Little Sister, Samurai Gourmet, Voyage to Tokyo, The Asadas, Kamome Diner, The Way of the Hot and Spicy, The Garden of Words, Every Day a Good Day, Sweet Bean, Kantaro. Through this flavorful blend of cinema and gastronomy, Japanese film buffs will find a new way of appreciating their favorite masterpieces, and Japanese foodies will discover movies that whet their appetites.