Valentina's Sugarland

Valentina's Sugarland

Lifelike cake characters for hobby and professional artists

39,90 €

Award-winning and internationally successful cake artist Valentina Terzieva shares her knowledge and experience about modelling lifelike characters made of fondant and modelling chocolate and designing beautiful motifs. She explains in detail all the basics and techniques of modelling human figures, animals and mythical creatures. She goes on to decorate cakes using modern materials such as airbrush or wafer paper.

On 340 pages you find:
detailed basic section with information about tools, materials and basic techniques
16 step-by-step instructions with lots of photos and detailed explanations
one-tiered and multi-tiered cakes
various decoration techniques such as stencil, airbrush, edible sweet lace, wafer paper
gloss effects with powder or silver leaf
5 male, 5 female cake characters, 4 cute children, 6 animals, mythical creatures and scarecrows, the first slide car, fantasy flowers and roses