Learning to love hunger

Learning to love hunger

Vital coaching for the overweight with ambition

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Feasting without fear! There are a great number of people who appear to have a real "talent" for putting on weight, coupled with a metabolism that puts up stiff resistance when they try to break down the fat reserves they have accumulated. They store fat that they don't need. But why? It is this question that the Austrian physician Dr. med. univ. Anton Bulfon has set out to answer in a clear, competent and truly fascinating manner. Based on this background information, he proceeds to introduce a concept that addresses the root of the problem.

The book convincingly demonstrates that, even until fairly recently in the history of mankind, storing body fat served a highly desirable and useful purpose. The mechanisms that cause people to build up fat reserves are vestiges of archaic, genetically predisposed and hormone-induced behavioral patterns geared to survival under glacial conditions. Subconscious concerns for the future (fear of starvation) trigger cravings and lead to what is nowadays considered to be an excessive food intake which goes beyond sating one‘s hunger. This is the underlying catalyst for prophylactic energy storage. It is possible, with determination and the help of a psychological trick, to influence or tone down this intuitive precautionary behavior in favor of more moderation.
Dr. Anton Bulfon has, moreover, mastered the art of presenting the hunger pangs that occur when we miss a meal or consume too few calories in an entirely different light, explaining why we should welcome them and learn to use them to our best advantage.
A real treat – but only for individuals who have the courage to embark on the adventure of a completely novel approach.

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