Happy Hippie Cooking Ibiza.

Happy Hippie Cooking Ibiza.

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Ibiza is different. A Mediterranean island that has preserved the dream of a better world from hippie days. Elke Clörs explores facets of the third biggest Balearic Island that regular tourists seldom experience. This is more than an homage to the island: Elke Clörs has written a love letter to the people, places, homes, and delicious dishes of Ibiza.

A trip across the island reveals unique and exotic living spaces. Their owners are kind, cordial, and open people whom you can meet at Ibiza’s popular hippie markets, at the historic city center of Dalt Vila, or in the South of the island near Es Vedra.

They all share a passion for healthy eating that’s simple and affordable. Most of the ingredients are from their own gardens, straight from Mother Nature. Here you’ll find more than 70 recipes that break with convention and deliver all kinds of Mediterranean delights — that celebrate love, peace, and the fullness of life with every bite. Elke Clörs helps you bring to life the island’s culinary dreams in your own kitchen.