Chocolate - The Reference Standard

Chocolate - The Reference Standard

The Chocolate Tester 2015

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• The perfect handbook as guidance for connoisseurs to make the right choice when buying chocolate products
• Comprehensive chocolate guide with 4,000 chocolate products from 550 brands and companies from 70 countries – tested and rated
• Insider-Information about brands, manufacturers, products, manufacturing techniques and ingredients
• The history of cocoa: from the Olmecs in 1500 B.C. to the top Chocolatiers of the 21st century. Everything about the cultivation countries and the processing of the cocoa in the country of origin, with detailed explanation of the different cocoa varieties and their characteristics
• Explanation of the manufacture of chocolate, nougat and confectionery. With country profiles of all important manufacturing countries in the world
• Ethics, Fair Trade, Organic and Sustainability as well as a lot of other information around the subject of cocoa and chocolate products
• Tasting of chocolate with wine, whisky and rum
• With all essential information around cocoa and chocolate

This edition has been completely revised and contains approx. 2,000 newly tested products and 279 newly tested brands and companies. Products from 32 additional countries were tested.
New chapters, such as the Pairing of Chocolates with wine, whisky and rum, a detailed article about Bean-to-Bar and a chapter about Raw Chocolate and Superfood, have been added.

Georg Bernardini is a trained confectioner and pâtissier and co-founder of the Confiserie Coppeneur from Bad Honnef. After 18 years successful company management he retired from the company in 2010. Since then he has been working as consultant in the chocolate industry.
In this book, only product categories are discussed and rated, which he had produced himself during his active time. For this chocolate guide he used his knowledge, experience and information to analyze the worldwide chocolate market.

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