Figlmüller – Viennese Cuisine

Figlmüller – Viennese Cuisine

Cooking by Pictures

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The book “Viennese Cuisine – Cooking by Pictures” offers a completely new approach to compiling and presenting traditional Viennese recipes.

Hans and Thomas Figlmü̈ller have been running the family business for almost ten years. In this book they reveal cooking secrets that have been handed down in the Figlmü̈ller family for four generations.
They consciously chose to share the recipes in a visual step-by-step format in order to focus on the ingredients that make these dishes so unique and special and to clearly and systematically demonstrate the individual cooking steps from the beginning to the final mouthwatering dish. They feel they owe this not only to their readers but also to the Viennese tradition of gastronomy.

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