My persian kitchen

My persian kitchen

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A good meal brings the whole family together and makes everyone bond even more. The scent of spices and fresh herbs make your house a home and the cozy atmosphere that comes with that comforts your body and soul. The way to the heart really goes through the stomach.

Gourmets around the world deem the Persian cuisine as one of the finest. Therefore, I would love to make it known to all the food-lovers worldwide, that until now did not have the opportunity to experience it. The ingredients, flavors and spices used in my book will take hold of you and lure you into the realm of a thousand and one nights. The recipes are simple and straightforward, so you can easily cook the meals yourself and bring a piece of Persia into your home. And the meals are not only simple to cook, but healthy and affordable as well.

There is something to suit everyone’s taste and there are even vegetarian and vegan recipes, which are marked specifically.

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