Coldbrew Guide

Coldbrew Guide

DIY: refreshing, mixed drinks - made from cold coffee, cascara, green tea and fine cacao

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ColdBrew, what is it? Unlike the normal coffee preparation with hot water, for this brewing method cold water is used. This is the cognac-coloured liquid that the Dutch merchants had already discovered in the 17th century. ColdBrew originated as a coffee extract that can be diluted with water as a basis for mixed drinks or cocktails. The aromatic substances released in the cold water have a truly distinctive and indeed much richer taste than cooled, originally hot-brewed coffee.
It is possible to brew both green tea and cascara (the dried pulp of the coffee fruit) cold, as well as exquisite cacao nibs. This makes very delicious basis for summer cocktails, both with and without alcohol. With this book, we would like to introduce you to 50 of the best and most tempting, easy to prepare, summer drinks.
In addition, we provide a lot of useful information about the pleasures of drinking, ice-cube creations, drinking rituals and the appropriate types of drinking glasses.
Experience an extraordinary and creative taste sensation!

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