Try it with...Anti-Candida-Recipes

Try it with...Anti-Candida-Recipes

Dishes to help with intestinal fungal infections

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100% recipes - 0% talk - The Olsson Promise | If you like delicious recipes, you've come to the right place - no talk, just delicious dishes.

The right treatment for Candida symptoms is - after a visit to the doctor - often obvious: avoid the fungus-promoting foods and, if necessary, take further measures under medical supervision.

But: What if you don't know what to cook - and the typical recipes don't taste good?

Tasty ideas, yet anti-candida:

Try out numerous, delicious recipe ideas....

How about a curry with spinach and potatoes?
What about a kidney bean stew for those who want a dish that warms them from the inside?
Looking for a great homemade spread with cashews?
Would you prefer apple-avocado soup with arugula, or teriyaki salmon with ginger and stevia?
...or simply a date muesli to start the day on a delicious note?

Feast despite Candida!

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