Strengthening the immune system

Strengthening the immune system

Alkaline recipes as a contribution to maintaining and strengthening the body's own immune system

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100% Recipes - 0% Talk - The Olsson Promise

If you like delicious recipes, you've come to the right place - no talking, just delicious dishes. Ideal for those who want to contribute to strengthening the body's immune system with the help of alkaline nutrition, without sacrificing eating pleasure.

One book - over 90 recipes - alkaline and good for the body - 100% taste.

Cooking alkaline and supporting the immune system in the process? That's possible! To strengthen the body's defences through nutrition, all you need are the right ingredients and recipes. This book helps with a colourful selection of different dishes.

The enjoyable basic cuisine:

Try numerous, original recipe ideas. Conjure up delicious snacks, drinks, soups and main dishes in no time at all.

How about a papaya salad for in between meals?
Fancy a raspberry smoothie with almond milk?
Looking for tasty main course ideas for spontaneous visitors that remain alkaline?
Do you want something tasty for your packed lunch at work...?
...or do you just want to relax and enjoy the freshly cooked food with your loved ones without having to accept any compromises in terms of health?

Get it now and strengthen your defences in an alkaline way!

On to new, alkaline dishes - This is what awaits you:

Many recipes, so there is something for everyone.
Healthy eating and unrestricted enjoyment no longer have to be mutually exclusive.
No more ordinary snacks - snacks can also be alkaline.
Even novice cooks can easily follow the majority of the recipes - without the dishes being too "simple".

What are you waiting for? Get started right away! Alkaline recipes as a contribution to maintaining and strengthening the body's own defences are the ideal kitchen companion.

Quick - Delicious - Alkaline

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